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April 29, 2011
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Everyone: Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace: Oh no he was still inside

Miju: Maybe he is still alive Taylor!!!!!! Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!

DK: Miju stop he won't answer, we should be more worried about Zasha

Miju: uhhh (were is Zasha)

Pashamin: We have to find her, I'll look for her (flying around saw Zasha near a tree)
Found her!!!!

Miju: Lets go!!

(After a while they found Zasha)

Grace: Zasha.... are you okay?

Zasha: .........

Pashamin: We know he was your friend but.....

Zasha: (wispers) He was more than a friend

Pashamin: What?

Zasha: He was more than a friend...... to me

Grace: What do you mean?

Zasha: I love Taylor...but now..... (tears run down her face)

In Wendy's head: Poor Zasha

Miju: (closes his eyes)

Grace: (tears run down her face)

Taylor: As I love you..

Zasha: uhh (looks up a the tree) How?

Taylor: I could never leave you Zasha

Zasha: How come you never told me?

Taylor: How come YOU never told me?

Zasha: I never thought.......

Taylor: You didn't have to I love you Zasha

Zasha: (blushes with tears on her face) I love you too Taylor!!!!

DK: My only question is how did Taylor escaped from the cave before calupsing?

Wendy: Shh you'll ruined the moment

DK: Sorry

Grace: I'm so happy for them (puts her head on Miju's shoulder)

Miju: Me too (blushes a little)

Marko: too bad we couldn't get at least a gem

Miju: You didn't but I did

Everyone: What?

Miju: Yes (pulls out a green gem) Its a grass gem, and its for a special person I know (give it to Grace)

Grace: (eyes glow and blushes) Thanks Miju (kiss Miju)

Marko: ewww I can't belive I just saw that

Pashamin: I think I'm to young to see this

Everyone: LOL

(Moments later)

Taylor: Well looks like this is good bye for now

Zasha: Yes and thank you kids for the amazing adventure

Miju: no Thank you for helping us

Taylor: come by and visit some time

DK: We will

Zasha: Take care

(Everyone left to there homes and Miju took Grace to her house)

Grace: Were here okay you should go now

Miju: Wait (grabs Grace hand)

Grace: What if my father see us here he is ganna be mad

Miju: I know but, will I see you tomorrow

Grace: Promise (kiss Miju's lips)

Miju: (kissed back) Goodnight my beautiful Grace

(Grace wen't back home)

Grace: I'm back

S.Serperior: hey honey, you had fun today

Grace: Yes daddy

S.Serperior: good cause your mother made your favorite

Grace: Grass Gummies

S.Serperior: with a hint of peach berry's

Grace: Sweet (wen't to the kitchen) Hey mom

Serperior: Hay sweety made your favorite

Grace: Nice

(After dinner with her family she wen't to bed, now lets see what Miju is doing)

Miju: (Enters his home)

Samurott: Hey honey

Miju: uhh hi mom, hey dad

Emboar: Hey son, so what happened today?

Miju: ohh nothing intresting, hey dad I've got a question?

Emboar: Whats wrong son?

Miju: Who do you get to a father of a girl your dating to understand that you love her, and won't stop loving her, or hurt her?

Emboar: Thants kinda hard to answer, but I know that one day you are going to make a sacrifice s big for that person that father might understand you just have to wait for the right moment

Miju: uhhh thanks dad (went to his room)

Samurott: I'm afraid something is bothering our son

Emboar: Well noticing he asked shouch a question he love a girl, but that her father won't let him date her

Samurott: I'm going to talk to him (went to Miju's room) Miju is something wrong?

Miju: Uhh no nothing mom, why ask shouch a thing?

Samurott: So who's the girl you like?

Miju: What?

Samurott: Come on I know you like somebody thats why you asked that question to yur father

Miju: Ohh man moms are smart

Samurott: Well

Miju: Yes its true her name is Grace and shes a Servine

Samurott: and her father won't let you date her right?

Miju: Right

Samurott: Well I can't do anything, but remember love can move mountins and ne day you and Grace can live together happily ever after

Miju: Thanks mom (hugs his mother)

Samurott: okay honey have some dinner and its of to bed

Miju: yes mom (Did what his mother said and wen't to sleep)

To be continue....................................
Taylor: Gavantula Male belongs to :iconartgazer12:
Zasha: Yamask Female belongs to him too

Grace: Servine female
Miju: Dewott Male
DK: Scraggy Male
Wendy: Meinfoo Female
Marko: Minccino Male
Pashamin: Emolga Feamle
(Shiny) Serperior: Father of Grace Male
Serperior: Mother of Grace Female
Emboar: Father of Miju
Samurott: Mother of Miju

Part 8: [link]
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thedjskunk Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
DK: wait how did you escape from the cave?
wendy: SHHH you'll ruin the moment
thedjskunk Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
wait how can a emboar be a dewott's father??
jaden524 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
Wait so... he's half fire half water type?
eeveexriolu Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
jaden524 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
eeveexriolu Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
bobisawsome321 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
he's water because when you mate two pokemon, the pokemon baby is based on the mother pokemon
dawnbuneary Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014   Digital Artist
yeah! he should know a fire type move though
CometRudolph Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
sorry my computer is alittle crazy
CometRudolph Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
sorry my computer is alittle crazy
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