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Rin interviewer (Rin x Len) by eeveexriolu
Rin interviewer (Rin x Len)
Song:… Luka Interviewer english version

I love this song it describes me in a way and so I made this little meme and I also became somewhat sad Rin doesn't have her version of this song since she is my favorite vocaloid but still. Also Rin x Len is my second favorite vocaloid couple.

Nothing belongs to me the images are from Project Mirai 2 credit is for the creators.
A thousand years of Sonic 39

                  The chains of life and destiny

Sonic was walking inside a white place he felt like as if he was walking in the clouds. His steps were light and pace by pace, till he stop in front of a light it was like a clear blue star. It floated around Sonic a few times and then flew away, taking the shape of a wild cat mobian much like Sonic was a hedgehog mobian. Sonic was surprise as he saw this brown cat he looked around and looked over at Sonic smiling, "Sonic" he said. Sonic had no idea who he was and tilt his head, "Who are you?" Sonic asked. "You can say we are practically brothers Sonic, my name is Morpheus son of Somnus and also god of dreams" he announce. "Morpheus yes now I remember your father was the god of sleep and now you are both" said Sonic, "That is correct and you Sonic are my binding your the next one that will take my place" said Morpheus. "Take your place?" Sonic asked, "Yes you shall take my place and become the true god of dreams and soon you will discover the great big things the dreams give" said Morpheus. It seemed he walked through a cloud, Sonic felt like he had to follow him and quickly ran to the cloud he saw a pretty guarded but there was no grass no greens at all everything seem to be build with something soft yet strong material. Sonic stepped on a blue chain and looked down on it, Sonic curiously follow the long chain to see where it would lead him to. Sonic notice it had lead him to Metal he was sitting on a pillars that had a hole which was big enough for him to lay inside of it. "Metal!" Sonic approached him and placed his hand on his forehead he looked down at the chain in his neck. "What is this blue chain for?" Sonic asked, "That is the chain of Janus" said Morpheus, "But what does it mean?" Sonic asked. "Metal Sonic is the name of this creation he is much like you Sonic, he also believes in good but Metal Sonic has a choice to make that will soon present itself and that will determine Metal Sonic's faith" Morpheus explained as he touched the chain around his neck. "A choice that will determine his faith?" Sonic asked not knowing what Morpheus meant. "Yes sometimes we have to make choices and those choice can lead us to making sacrifices but it is up to Metal Sonic to choose as he pleases" Morpheus pointed out. "Is the choice really the bad?" Sonic asked, "Here is a better question, would you make a choice that would be benefit for you or for others?" Morpheus asked. Sonic grew silent as he notice the choice's meaning and how it could affect. "There many chains in this room Sonic, some involve choices most of the times it could be fate as well all the chains have different meanings" said Morpheus. "I don't like to question much but why am I here?" Sonic asked looking around, "There is someone Zeus wants you to meet for a long time, he lives beyond the lake called "Sunlight mirror" it is beyond the mountains go look for it and find him" Morpheus explained as he walked away. "Morpheus wait! Who is this stranger how do I know, I found him?" Sonic asked, "You'll know once you see him" said Morpheus as he disappeared.

Sonic opened his eyes slowly as he received a kiss on the cheek. Sonic smiled as the kiss was from his love, "Morning Shadow" he said. "Morning you sleep well?" Shadow asked, "Yeah I just had a dream and I have to do something" said Sonic he was about to sit up but Shadow prevented it. "Don't go just yet you just got up" Shadow snuggle to him giving him more cheek kisses, "Hmm, Shadow stop I have to go quickly" said Sonic laughing as Shadow tickled him. "No I want you to stay for a while and cuddle me" Shadow said playfully to call Sonic's attention. "Hahaha Shadow! Stop it tickles! Hahaha" Sonic tried to push him off. Shadow had stopped tickling Sonic so he could breath, Sonic quickly kissed him as he sat up. Sonic got up from the bed, "I'm going to head to the kitchen to get something to eat" said Sonic, Shadow nod. Sonic went to the kitchen there was no one there he looked in the fridge to see what he could find. Sonic didn't mind eating anything but he prefer something healthy for the morning, he saw a good tree outside, "Maybe a apple or two would be fine" Sonic went outside and touched the tree making multiple apples appear. Sonic grabbed the biggest one and eat it thinking about what Morpheus had told him in his dream. "Is it me or you seem thoughtful today?" Shadow asked grabbing a apple from the tree he did not eat it but checked its conditions. "Is it that obvious?" Sonic asked, "Yeah it is, so what is it that has you thinking so much?" Shadow asked. "Well last night I dream about Morpheus he showed me a strange place where I saw Metal and there he had a chain around his neck" said Sonic, "Who's Metal?" Shadow asked. "Oh right I forgot you never meet him" said Sonic, "Who is he?" Shadow asked. "I'll explain later but right now what had me thinking is that Morpheus said that Zeus wants me to meet someone that lives near the mountains in a lake called "Sunlight mirror". "Sunlight mirror? I think I have heard of it... Yes that is the place where I awoken from my rocky prison" said Shadow, "It was there?" Sonic asked. "Yes I think I still remember the way, I can take you there but I'm not sure it was the same lake Morpheus refers to" Shadow said unsure. "Lead the way, Morpheus I will know as soon as I find that person" said Sonic, "Well if he says it's that obvious" Shadow flew off heading straight to where he remember and had Sonic following him. Shadow had remember his awakening and how it was all cold he could feel the breeze as he knew he was getting close flying at the speed of light. "So have any idea who this guy looks like or why Zeus wants you to meet him?" Shadow asked, Sonic felt his warm breath as they enter the cold, "No not at all Morpheus just told me that Zeus wanted me to meet him and the location where I could find him" Sonic explained. "So you have no idea who you are looking for?" Shadow asked, "Nope" Sonic said. "Looks like Zeus is sending us to another little adventure, it must be a serious reason if Zeus wants us to meet this guy" said Shadow. "Are we getting close?" Sonic asked, "Yeah it is just a few miles want to speed up the process?" Shadow asked. Sonic and Shadow made a impulse to go faster, they keep flying over the place Sonic could feel a weird presence almost as if something was near by. "Here we are" said Shadow stoping and looking down, "Thats the lake?" Sonic asked. "Well I remember that Silver once had showed me a map of this place I'm sure this is the lake I woke up from and it has to be called 'Sunlight Mirror'. "Well might as well ask" said Sonic looking around to see if they can find someone, "What you don't trust my knowledge instincts?" Shadow asked. "It's better to ask when someone is clueless don't you think?" Sonic asked. "Oh well someone is a bit sassy today" Shadow chuckled, "Look that house near the lake I'm sure someone that lives there can help us" said Sonic flying down with Shadow behind him. Sonic knock on the door but there was no answer, "Maybe no one is home" said Sonic as he knock once more but nothing. "For all we know Zeus must have send you here to find another chaos emerald" said Shadow, "But he said he wanted me to meet someone... Huh what's that?" Sonic asked as he saw that the water was lifted up and split into two as if someone had blast it. "That's a strong wave" said Shadow getting on his guard expecting everything, "Wait I feel something familiar" Sonic flew in direction of where he seance it. Shadow followed him just in case, Sonic flew over the lake to the other side and there he saw a strange hedgehog it seemed like he was fishing since he had a hat, net, and gear. Sonic tilt his head somewhat curious of this strange character, "Excuse me my name is-" "Sonic the hedgehog you were send here by Zeus in search of someone" this stranger answered. Sonic was speechless and so was Shadow who was at a distance. "That doesn't seem logical that some mortal would know that" said Shadow, "I wouldn't talk too much about mortals considering you are one Shadow" said the stranger as he removed the hat he was a hedgehog who looked much like Sonic but his fur was a lighter blue and his eyes were also a clear blue. This stranger also had a white mustache and eyebrows as well, "It's been such a long time Sonny boy you have grown so much" he said. Sonic stared at him with somewhat confused eyes and he smiled a little "I know you... Yes your uncle Chuck" said Sonic. "That's right I am your uncle Sonic" said Chuck pointing at him, Sonic quickly hugged him "Uncle Chuck!" said Sonic in excitement. "Uncle Chuck?" Shadow asked somewhat confused, "Yes" said Chuck, "What?" Chuck asked looking over at the hedgehog. "So your a God?" Shadow asked, "In a way" said Chuck. "What do you mean in a way?" Shadow asked, "For example I can still use my god like power I am the god of choices" said Chuck. "God of choices that sounds so amazing" said Sonic, Chuck smiled at his nephew and petted his head. "So this is why Zeus send us here... But what is a god doing in earth?" Shadow asked, "I'm more of a mortal" said Chuck. "How come?" Sonic asked, "Well it's something that happen years ago in Olympus a discussion with Zeus" said Chuck. "I see now I come to understand most things now" said Shadow, "Do you?" Chuck asked gazing at Shadow. "I guess part of it" said Shadow, "Zeus had send us here maybe it has something to do with you" said Sonic. "It most certainly does but for now let's go inside my house to have some tea" said Chuck, Shadow and Sonic looked at each other somewhat confused but Sonic agree as went with Chuck as Shadow followed him. They sat down together drinking tea as Chuck heard Sonic and Shadow's story. "Many things has happen to you two" said Chuck, "Yes many things" said Sonic. "So the reason why Zeus send Sonic here wasn't only for a family reunion am I right?" Shadow asked, "Shadow is right, Zeus actually send you here for a good reason Sonic, the understanding of making a choice and soon you will presented with a choice. I will be with you to accompany you and help you understand better" said Chuck, "Is it that Zeus is doesn't trust Sonic in making a choice?" Shadow asked. "No it's not that Zeus is more worried that Sonic doesn't understand the meaning of most choices and stuff like that" said Chuck. "I'm sure you may understand Shadow but I would like for Sonic to come with me and speak about this term" said Chuck, Shadow nod.

Sonic and Chuck walked by the lake as Sonic stared at his reflection. "You have been a very good boy Sonny I'm actually proud of you" said Chuck. "Thank you uncle Chuck" said Sonic, "You have lived through many things and you still stand, what I wanted to talk to you about is the choices as you know" said Chuck. "Yes the choices that we make everyday" said Sonic, "Some choices are better than others that's one things I can say and sometimes those choices include sacrifice" said Chuck. "Yes I know uncle sometimes choices are a bit... Unfair one chooses for right or wrong and in the end you always with the same solution a bit mess" said Sonic. "Sometimes we believe that making the best choice we can, can solve everything but you role is always open for more rest where choices need to be made" said Chuck. "What about the wrong choices?" Sonic asked, "Well people like bad guys tend to do those bad choices" said Chuck. "There is no such thing as a bad guy... They are just people who see things their way and do what they think is right for them. I can only understand why they are misunderstood in a way but they feel just like everyone else" said Sonic. Chuck stared at Sonic with a face of surprise and felt somewhat proud. "I now see why Zeus choose you to earth Sonic, your way of seen things is unique a hint of innocence inside of you makes everything around you bloom" said Chuck. "Is that a bad thing?" Sonic asked, "No it's actually amazing people who think like that are not easy to find" said Chuck. "So what is the other thing you want to teach me? I'm sure you might have something in mind" said Sonic, Chuck smiled and continue to walk and talk explaining everything to Sonic.

To be continue......
A thousand years of Sonic 39
A little excitement for all of you guys and now that I am on Christmas vacation I wonder if you would like a Christmas special of A thousand years of Sonic?

Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Rouge, Knuckles belong to Sega
Fleetway belongs to Sonic Comics
Uncle Chuck belong to unknown cause I don't know
Shade belongs to :iconsonicartist16:
Chloe belongs to me


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Puerto Rico
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I'm a eevee lover Eevee Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogThere's an Eevee for everything Stamp by omegaflash4Stamp: Eevee Love by AnnrovEevee by MarlenesstampsEevee by number03Eevee Stamp by HikariOkamiEevee fan stamp by EeveeX99Eevee Stamp by Maxvel33Eevee Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsEevee Stamp by TheHarleyEevee Stamp by Finalfan77Eevee stamp by Numbuh9Stamp - Eevee by EvadollPlush Stamp by EeveeFanClub.:Pokemon stamp 6:. by dannyphantom300I Love Eevee by LadyQuintessenceEevee Stamp by sammygreen066Gary and Eevee fan STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruffEevee Trainer by Ls-MercernaryEevee stamp by DametoraEevee fan stamp by ShineymagicEevee Stamp. Dont piss me off by SweetBeriiChuEevee Stamp 0 by ice-fire.:Pokemon stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300{Eevee} by xXtoxic-infectionXxEeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterEevee Stamp by Heart-StampEevee Stamp by ice-fireEevee Stamp by PFV0-Stamp:iconeeveefanclub:

Well come to my Page ^_^ everybody

Name: Katinia
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Fav. thing to do: Do art XD
Fav.colors: Sky blue, Green, Purple, and Blue
Fav. thing to draw: Kirby, Sonic, Spyro, Hamtaro, MLP, and Pokemon
Fav. Songs: Mostly from Cascada, Nicki Minaja, and Katy Perry

My Fav. Sonic character ever:

Support Blaze by YamiLover13

My Fav. Pokémon Trainer (Manga):

Sapphire.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX

My Fav. Hamtaro character:

Harmony fan by Atlanta-Hammy

My Fav. Spyro character:

Cynder the Dragon Stamp by AESD

My Fav. Adventure Time character:

Flame Princess stamp by FubblegumCF

My Fav. PowerPuffGirls Character:

PPG Bubbles Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman

My Favorite Vocaloid

Rin by azianwolfdoll

My Favorite Mario Character:

Rosalina and Luma Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule

Fav. Sonic couples:

Sonamy :iconsonamy-fans:
Tailsmo :icontailsxcosmo-fanclub:
Shadmaria :iconmariaxshadow-fanclub: or Shadolly :iconshadowxmolly-fanclub: or even Shadugar :iconshadowxsugar:
Knouge :iconknouge-lovers: or Knuxade :iconknuxade-fans:
Silvaze :iconsilverxblaze-club:
Chaream Chaream stamp by SonicAngel948
Jave :iconjetxwave:
Scourge x Fiona :iconscourgexfionaclub: Or Scourge x Rosy :iconscourgexrosy4ever:
Espikal :icontikal-x-espio:
Rarine :iconrayxmarinesupporters:
Mighty x Honey :iconmightyxhoneylove:
Antoine x Bunnie :iconantoine-x-bunnie:
Vector x Vanilla :iconvectorxvanilla:
Ash x Mina Ash x Mina stamp by eeveexriolu
Khan x Sally :iconsalkhan-kingdom:

Fav. Sonic Yaoi and Yuri couples: (Yeah I like Yaoi and Yuri so what?)

Sonadow!!!!!! Top list baby:iconsonicxshadowclub: (Sonic Uke, Shadow Seme)
Fleetourge :iconfleetourge-fans: (Fleetway Seme, Scourge Uke)
Mephilver :iconmephilver-fan: (Mephilies Seme, Silver Uke)
Sonourge :iconsonourgegroup: (Sonic Uke, Scourge Seme)
Espighty :iconespighty-fans: (Espio Seme, Mighty Uke)
Amouge :iconamouge-club: (Rouge Seme, Amy Uke)

Fav. Pokemon couples: (Mostly based on Manga)

Red x Yellow :iconspecialshipping-fc:
Green x Blue :iconoldrivalshipping-fc:
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Drew x May :iconxcontestshipping-fcx:
Ash x Serena :iconoldpokefriendsship:

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Hamtaro x Bijou HamtaroxBijou by Atlanta-Hammy
Spat x Harmony HarmonyxSpat by Atlanta-Hammy
Maxwell x Sandy SandyxMaxwell Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy
Sora x Ohkiny OhkinyxSora by Atlanta-Hammy
Oxnard x Pepper OxnardxPepper by Atlanta-Hammy
Stand x Flora StanxFlora by Atlanta-Hammy
Boss x Gelato BossxGelato by Atlanta-Hammy or Boss x Sparkle or even Boss x Oc

Fav. Spyro couples

Spyro x Cynder :iconspyroxcynderfans:
Flame x Ember :iconflamexemberclub:
Hunter x Bianca Hunter X Bianca Stamp by X-Leona-Lioness-X

My fav. Adventure time couples

Finn x Flame Princess :iconfinnxflameprincess:
Fionna x Flame Prince :iconfionnaxflameprince: or Fionna x Marshall Lee :iconfiolee:
Princess Bubblegum x Marshall Lee :iconmarshalleexpb:
Jake x Lady Rainicorn :iconjakexrainicorn-fc:
Cake x Lord Monochromicorn CakexMonochromicorn Stamp by schwarzekatze4

My Fav. PPG couples:

Brick x Blossom :iconblossomxbrickfans:
Boomer x Bubbles :iconbubblesxboomerclub:
Butch x Buttercup :iconbcxbutchfanclub:

Vocaloid Couples I love:

Kaito x Miku :iconmikuxkaitoclub:
Rin x Len :iconrin-x-len-club:
Luka x Gakupo :icongakupo-luka:
Teto x Ted :iconteto-x-ted-fc:

My Favorite Mario Couples:

Mario x Peach :iconmarioxpeachxclub:
Luigy x Daisy :iconluigixdaisyxclub:
Bowser x Rosalina :iconrosalina-x-bowser:
Yoshi x Birdo BirdoxYoshi Stamp by TamarinFrog
Toad x Toadette Toad x Toadette Stamp by GamingGirl73
Wario x Mona :iconwarioxmona-club:

Dragon Ball Favorite couples:

Bardock x Gine :iconbardock-x-gine:
Goku x Chi Chi :icongoku-x-chichi-fans:
Vegeta x Bulma :iconvegetaxbulma-4ever:
Krillin x #18 :iconkrillin-and-18:
Tien x Launch :icontien-x-lunch:
Gohan x Videl :icongohan--x--videl:
Uub x Marron :iconuub--x--marron:
Goten x Valese/Palace :icongotens-palace:

Dragon Ball Favorite YAOI couples:

Goku x Vegeta :iconfuckyeah-gokuxvegeta:
Piccolo x Gohan P x G stamp by VegetasLittleLover


Sonadow: Forbidden Feelings stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow Last Night, Good night stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow: The Chosen One stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow generations stamp by eeveexrioluMerSonic x WereShadow stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow and Amouge stamp by eeveexrioluMeirhog Sonic x Shadow stamp by eeveexrioluKid Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluWereSonadow stamp 2 by eeveexrioluFemaleSonicxShadow stamp by eeveexrioluMephonic stamp by eeveexrioluMephilver stamp by eeveexrioluFleetourge stamp 2 by eeveexrioluFleetourge stamp by eeveexrioluAmouge Family stamp by eeveexrioluI support Sonamy Fan child stamp by eeveexrioluShadmaria Family stamp by eeveexrioluSalkhan and Sonamy stamp by eeveexrioluSalkhan stamp 1 by eeveexrioluSalkhan stamp 2 by eeveexrioluWere Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluI support Sonadow Fan Child stamp by eeveexrioluRobtic Stamp by Supremechaos918I support Sonamy and Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow Family stamp by eeveexriolu


Journal History

I am sorry for all of you guys who have been waiting for the next chapter of A thousand years of Sonic, but I will have you know Chapter 37 is already done and I am working on Chapter 38 now. But I will also have you all know that on Friday October 31 there will be a Halloween Special of A thousand years of Sonic so be very patient and attentive. Also you should check the story Escape Escape cover by sonicartist16 it's a Halloween story that is not so long it will last till 31 of October so be very attentive as it is a very interesting story.

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