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A thousand years of Sonic 40

               Choices with empty hands

Rouge was in her computer she was dealing with some GUN problems. "Rouge you been on that computer since this morning" said Knuckles he approach the crib to see his baby girl sleeping. "It's not my fault GUN has been messing with things and end up bad again" said Rouge, "What did they do this time?" Knuckles approaching to see what she was doing. "It has something to do with Metal I told Sonic not to mess with things that GUN create it seems Metal has been analyzing many situations as if he was a real person" said Rouge. "So your telling me this things has emotions like most of us?" Knuckles asked, "Yes I have been getting into his system and it seems that his time with Sonic might have made him analyze more than what we thought" said Rouge as she tried to get deeper in the system but a error pop into the screen. "Oh come on!" Rouge hit the keyboard waking Chloe making her cry, "Chloe" Knuckles went to her crib picking her up rocking his baby girl. "It's been hard I just need to find a way to get Metal back to his controllable mode as the GUN call it" said Rouge as she tried it once more. "Why don't they just make another robot?" Knuckles asked he grabbed a pacifier placing it on Chloe's mouth. "Funny you should say that cause GUN actually did made another robot this one was based on Shadow and some of his abilities as well" said Rouge. "For some reason I am not surprise" said Knuckles, "Android Shadow ... Oh so they use bionic to make it more Shadow like" said Rouge. "It still looks like a robot though" said Knuckles, "Yes but this one still has a few things we need to fix, last time someone activated it. It misinterpreted commands" said Rouge as she continue to check on Metal Sonic's systems. "As long as they don't make a robot me I am fine but I don't agree with GUN making robots based on them it doesn't seem right to not even ask them for permission" said Knuckles. "GUN believes they don't need permission since they are letting us stay here for their purposes" said Rouge, "Their purposes?" Knuckles asked not liking the tone. "Yes they just wanted a excuse to get near Sonic and the others god like powers. GUN might deny it but I know them well they wanted samples on all of you to create machines in a farther future and it seems they are already starting with this creations" said Rouge as she continue with the system. "Then we can't stay here much longer Rouge" said Knuckles, "Lets not make decisions so fast Knuckles, GUN is letting stay in this base because we don't have a permanent place to stay and we don't have job I am the only one working in this place here. If we leave that means I loose my job, and we be exposing the others to danger of people finding out more and more about them" Rouge explained having a point. "I'll get a job I promise from today on I'll go look for a job" said Knuckles, Rouge got up and went over to Knuckles grabbing Chloe placing her baby on her shoulder. "Knuckles listen to me I know you want to do this for the good of our family, but no job is going to give you enough money for the things our daughter need and for a space for the others as well it's too much space" said Rouge petting Chloe's back as she relax. Knuckles sigh "Alright I'll do as you say" said Knuckles, Rouge kissed his lips "Don't be down honey you be surprise what we can happen if you wait patiently" said Rouge. "Agent Rouge! Agent Rouge!" the computer turned on revealing the commander of GUN. "Yes commander what seems to be the problem?" Rouge asked, "Well your going to have to give me more time there still some things I can't quiet figure out" said Rouge.

Sonic was speaking with Shadow of something important outside of Chuck's house. "So what are you planing to do afterwards this is all over?" Sonic asked, "I would like to kick back and relax in Olympus.... And maybe start a family" said Shadow. "We can start when ever you want to make a family all you need is two" said Sonic approaching Shadow kissing his red burning cheek. "SONIC..." Sonic could easily recognized the voice anywhere as it approached him, "Who's that?" Shadow asked as he saw the robot look alike approach Sonic as it deactivated it's jets. "Metal! What are you doing? here I thought you were at the base" Sonic asked somewhat surprise to see Metal. "NEGAVITE I ESCAPED FROM GUN BASE TO INFORM YOU ABOUT A NEW CREATION" Metal Sonic said, "What is it?" Sonic asked. "A CREATION THAT IS BASED OF THE GOD SHADOW .... ANDROID SHADOW" Metal said, "A android based of me what is he talking about? Sonic who is this?" Shadow quickly asked. "It's a long story Shadow you see GUN has been making this creations based on us and so I kinda..." Sonic tried to explain playing with his fingers. "You began to mess with there creation didn't you?" Shadow cross his arms staring at Sonic, "No no I didn't mess with it I just thought it was a bit unfair that they were treating him this way and so I took ..." Sonic became silent as Shadow wrap his arms around him. "Sonic why do you tend to do this things?" Shadow asked somewhat stress, "I'm sorry" Sonic placed his hands on his chest and lowered his ears. Shadow kissed his lips gently and quickly "Well it's you I can't expect any less of you" said Shadow. "Metal what is that you said GUN is creating?" Sonic asked, "THE ANDROID SHADOW HAS DIFFERENT PURPOSE, HE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN CREATED AS A WEAPON TO GUN" said Metal. "GUN weapon?" Shadow asked, "I WAS WONDERING IF SONIC WOULD RETURN AND FIX HIM" said Metal. "Sure we should come on Shadow" said Sonic grabbing his hand, "Sonic I don't trust this things GUN create you know how I feel about the mortals inventions" said Shadow. "But Shadow they need us, Zeus told us to help those in need" said Sonic, "The mortals not what they create" said Shadow. Metal began to create a weird noise when a hologram approached coming from his chest "Metal Sonic you must return to the base if you don't there will be consequences" said the commander. "...I AM SORRY COMMANDER BUT I CAN NOT RETURN TO A PLACE WHERE I AM USE AS NOTHING BUT A MACHINE FOR YOUR PURPOSES" said Metal, "Metal Sonic I repeat my self return or they will be consequences" the commander repeated. "REQUEST DENIED" said Metal as the hologram was turned off, "Metal why you do that?" Sonic asked. "SONIC YOU HAVE SHOWED ME THE WAYS OF LIFE AND BEING IN A BASE LOCKED IN IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO LIVE" said Metal, "It feels like I'm hearing my self talk" said Sonic smiling. "There shall be consequences the commander said so, if you ask me that was a foolish choice you made" said Shadow, "Shadow he is right why can't you see that?" Sonic asked. "Sonic that is enough your kindness is a gift but if this keeps up your kindness can have a fatal result" said Shadow. Sonic lowered his head, "You must return to the base and we will make sure you do" said Shadow. Shadow flew up having Metal and Sonic follow him, Sonic was quiet the entire time he felt Shadow was a bit harsh on him. "The base is close by... You two alright back there?" Shadow asked, "Yes..." Sonic answer plainly. "AFFIRMATIVE" Metal answer, Shadow knew he was a bit harsh on Sonic all he wanted to do was help but he needed to put a limit on things before it got too far. Sonic's phone had began to ring, Sonic grabbed it and answer "Hello?". "Sonic?! Sonic?! Is Metal with you? Where are you?" Rouge asked desperate as she held Chloe close and her cries could be heard clearly. "Rouge calm down what's wrong?" Sonic asked, "It's terrible Sonic, GUN's commander had activated the Android Shadow and it has gone berserk his programs seem to not have been stabled and now he is destroying everything in his way- AHH!" Rouge screamed as the phone lines got cut off. "Rouge? Rouge! Shadow something terrible has happen!" Sonic said worried, "What is it?" Shadow asked looking back at Sonic. "GUN had activated Android Shadow and it is destroying everything" said Sonic, "I knew it this must have been the commanders warning we must stop it at all cost" said Shadow, Sonic nod. The they approach the base they saw a big smoke coming from the city, "Shadow wait what's that?" Sonic asked pointing over at the smoke as a explosion was created in a building. They quickly approach the scene, "I don't see anything" said Shadow as he tried to look beyond the smoke and fire. "Hey it's Knuckles and he is fighting something" said Sonic pointing at him, "ANDROID SHADOW" Metal Sonic confirmed.

Knuckles was standing his ground, "Come at me you stupid piece of metal" Knuckles yelled. Android Shadow raised his gun blaster in his arms and began to blast Knuckles. Knuckles moved out of the way rolling out avoid the blast, he grabbed a car and threw it at Android Shadow. Android Shadow blasted it turning it into dust but that was only a distraction as Knuckles just wanted to get close to use his Breaker Punch on him. Knuckles' knuckles turned metal like as it hit Android Shadow making him crash into a building. Knuckles panted and sweated the flames around was making it a bit hard to breath from the smoke. Knuckles had thought that had done the trick but Android Shadow came out of the hole in the building showing no damage at all. "This is no looking good" said Knuckles, Android Shadow pointed his blaster at Knuckles charging it. Knuckles didn't move from his spot, he tried to stop it with his hands as soon as the blast hit Knuckles hands it didn't take long till he couldn't hold it much longer. Knuckles was rolling on the floor till he stop with serious injuries, Android Shadow approached the damage echidna. He pointed his blaster on him but was stopped, Shadow had kicked Android on the back of the head. Sonic and Metal flew down grabbing Knuckles taking him up to the roof of the building. "S-Sonic?" Knuckles looked up at him, Sonic placed his had on him using his power to heal him. "It's alright Knuckles I am healing you" said Sonic keeping calm, "That android ... Was activated by the commander" said Knuckles. "Android Shadow but why is he attacking everything?" Sonic asked, "He was unstable and misinterpreted orders now he is destroying everything in his way" said Knuckles. Sonic has finish healing him moving his hand away getting up, "But where is Rouge and Chloe?" Sonic asked worried. "They manage to escape when I confronted the android, right now lets hope Shadow can stop him" said Knuckles.

"CHAOS SPEAR!" Shadow yelled using his attack against Android Shadow. Android Shadow used his blaster and changed points on it's own making his shoot money disk of energy destroying the chaos spear. Shadow charged at Android Shadow he lift his foot to kick him but Android Shadow blocked him and punched him hard. Shadow backed up and used his Chaos Beam, Android Shadow created a green force field around him having no damage as it protected him from the chaos beam. "WHAT?!" Shadow yelled the attacks he was using were not helping him at all Android Shadow knew how to avoid them. "Chaos Control!" Shadow yelled as he vanish right before Android Shadow's eyes. Android Shadow turned around and with his blaster he blasted Shadow right in face as he had a close shoot. "YAHH!" Shadow yelled falling backwards as he cover his face, "How did he knew where I was going to appear?" He though. "No way! How is that possible no one can detect Shadow when he is using Chaos Control, right?" Knuckles asked, "Only the ones who master the technique can... Which means ... Shadow get out of there!" Sonic yelled. Android Shadow vanish in the moment, Shadow perked his ears and he looked at his side where Android Shadow appear but it was too late to block him as he used his Paralytic punch. Shadow was still as he was paralyzed for a moment, "Oh no Shadow I need to stop the android" said Sonic. "SONIC I MUST DENY YOUR REQUEST BUT I WILL STOP ANDROID SHADOW WE ARE TWO OF A KIND" said Metal Sonic. "But Metal?.." Sonic couldn't do much as Metal flew down, Android Shadow pointed at Shadow with his blaster. Metal kicked the blaster out of it's position and punched Android Shadow away to gain some distance as Sonic quickly grabbed Shadow taking him up to the roof with Knuckles. "....DETECTING.... METAL SONIC .... OBJECTIVE DESTROY METAL SONIC AND THE REST THAT ARE IN THE WAY" Android Shadow spoke, "YOU MUST STOP.... THIS IS NOT RIGHT TO BE USED AS A WEAPON ANDROID SHADOW LISTEN TO ME THIS IS NOT WORTH IT" said Metal Sonic, a silence grew between both of them "...MY OBJECTIVE IS TO FOLLOW ORDERS FROM GUN" said Android Shadow, "OBJECTIVE AREN'T GIVEN TO US TO FOLLOW WE MUST GIVE OURSELVES OUR OWN OBJECTIVES TO BE FREE, COME WITH ME" said Metal Sonic he stretch his metal hand towards him. Android Shadow looked towards it he walked over him and reached out to grab the hand. A green smoke began to come out of Android Shadow making him stop he began to twitch a bit his voice box began to say weird words grabbed Metal Sonic's arm and slapping him against a building he took him out and slammed him against another building. "I DO NOT FOLLOW ORDERS FROM A INFERIOR MACHINE!" Android Shadow yelled as he threw Metal Sonic up in the air and blasted him. Metal Sonic had activated his jets and blocked the blast, "I AM SORRY TO HAVE TO DO THIS" said Metal Sonic said as he used Sharp disk to attack Android Shadow. Android Shadow used his green force field but the attack went through it, Metal Sonic then used a Mystic beam. Android Shadow now realized he couldn't avoid Metal Sonic attacks and so he used his Chaos Beam. Both beam interact with one another creating a explosion, Metal Sonic couldn't see much by the smoke in the moment Android Shadow took advantage of it and used his chaos spear hitting Metal Sonic causing him to crash into the ground. Android Shadow stop on his chest and used his chaos beam to cause affect on him a massive affect. "Metal we need to do something" said Sonic, "No Sonic let them, Metal knows what he is doing" said Shadow. "Your just saying that cause you don't want to help him! Cause you don't care!" Sonic yelled at Shadow as he flew down. "Sonic!" Shadow followed him, Metal Sonic used his sharp disk attack to cut Android Shadow's blaster off. In the moment he used his Mystic beam to get him off, Sonic quickly went to Metal Sonic hugging him. "Metal are you alright?" Sonic asked concern,
"AFFIRMATIVE... I- I-I-...." Metal tried to speak but he couldn't. "Your voice it's damage once more... But don't worry I will help you fix it" said Sonic smiling at him with a bit of a tear on his cheek. Metal saw that, "W-E-WHY?" he asked clearing the tear away. "I just get very sentimental... I was so afraid you get destroyed, I was just worried about my friend" said Sonic. Metal tilt his head, "Sonic! Android Shadow he is not finish!" Shadow yelled, Android Shadow was getting up. Metal Sonic push Sonic back, "I-I AM NOT FINISH!" He walked towards Metal Sonic. "Enough android! You have already lost your blaster you can not defend yourself anymore" said Shadow, "...A-ACT-ACTIVATING FINAL RESOLUTION... DE-DES-DESTRUCTION" said
Android Shadow as his eyes changed to number counting down from 10 to 1. "What?" Sonic asked, "He is going to blow!" Shadow yelled as he used a chaos beam but the force field was activated around Android Shadow. Sonic used a sharp disk but it didn't work either, Metal watch carefully at Android Shadow and turned to Sonic and point at his chest "Huh?" Sonic tilt his head. Metal Sonic pointed at Sonic's chest and then he opened his chest grabbing the energy Sonic had have him once returning it to him. Sonic grabbed it but he didn't understand "Metal what are you doing?" Sonic asked. Metal Sonic hugged Sonic "F-F-FRIENDS--LAST FORE-VE" Metal Sonic said. Sonic was having a feeling he knew what Metal Sonic meant. Metal Sonic quickly went to Android Shadow as he was in 5 of his count down and flew up away from the city as possible he created a force field to contain the explosion inside. Metal Sonic only had the little memory of his friendship with Sonic which made him feel happy in the last moment when the timer was at 1.

Sonic looked up at the sky with shock as nothing could be heard they just felt a strong wind. Shadow flew next to Sonic placing a hand on his shoulder. "I could have stopped this... If you only would have let me..." Sonic said, Shadow was silent he didn't say a word. Sonic turned his head looking back at Shadow with tears sliding down his face "Why? Why do you let this happen?" Sonic asked. Shadow again maintained his silence not saying a word. Sonic slapped his hand away, "Leave me alone, I don't want to see you right now or ever again" said Sonic. "But So-" "GO AWAY!" Sonic yelled clutching his fist. Shadow flew up to Knuckles, "What seems to be the matter?" Knuckles asked. Shadow shook his head and flew away, Knuckles looked over at Sonic and followed Shadow.

To be continue.....
A thousand years of Sonic 40
Hey guys Sorry it's been so long but now I have to study and I have work as well so it's not easy plus I return late. But I am already working on the next chapter so you don't have to wait so long. I am also planing on making a Valentine special to be patient.

Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Android Shadow, Silver, Rouge, Knuckles and Mephiles belong to SEGA
Scourge belongs to the Archie comics
Fleetway belongs to Sonic comics
Nightclaw and Chloe belong to me
Shade and Alice belong to :iconsonicartist16:
Little Pokemon: Nana's Pokepuff by eeveexriolu
Little Pokemon: Nana's Pokepuff
A little something I made bored X3

Nana is my shiny Dedenne she is so adorable I love her, in the background bottom are Pashamina the Emolga and Precious the Pachirisu

Pokémon belong to Nintendo


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Puerto Rico
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Well come to my Page ^_^ everybody

Name: Katinia
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Fav. thing to do: Do art XD
Fav.colors: Sky blue, Green, Purple, and Blue
Fav. thing to draw: Kirby, Sonic, Spyro, Hamtaro, MLP, and Pokemon
Fav. Songs: Mostly from Cascada, Nicki Minaja, and Katy Perry

My Fav. Sonic character ever:

Support Blaze by YamiLover13

My Fav. Pokémon Trainer (Manga):

Sapphire.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX

My Fav. Hamtaro character:

Harmony fan by Atlanta-Hammy

My Fav. Spyro character:

Cynder the Dragon Stamp by AESD

My Fav. Adventure Time character:

Flame Princess stamp by FubblegumCF

My Fav. PowerPuffGirls Character:

PPG Bubbles Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman

My Favorite Vocaloid

Rin by azianwolfdoll

My Favorite Mario Character:

Rosalina and Luma Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule

Fav. Sonic couples:

Sonamy :iconsonamy-fans:
Tailsmo :icontailsxcosmo-fanclub:
Shadmaria :iconmariaxshadow-fanclub: or Shadolly :iconshadowxmolly-fanclub: or even Shadugar :iconshadowxsugar:
Knouge :iconknouge-lovers: or Knuxade :iconknuxade-fans:
Silvaze :iconsilverxblaze-club:
Chaream Chaream stamp by SonicAngel948
Jave :iconjetxwave:
Scourge x Fiona :iconscourgexfionaclub: Or Scourge x Rosy :iconscourgexrosy4ever:
Espikal :icontikal-x-espio:
Rarine :iconrayxmarinesupporters:
Mighty x Honey :iconmightyxhoneylove:
Antoine x Bunnie :iconantoine-x-bunnie:
Vector x Vanilla :iconvectorxvanilla:
Ash x Mina Ash x Mina stamp by eeveexriolu
Khan x Sally :iconsalkhan-kingdom:

Fav. Sonic Yaoi and Yuri couples: (Yeah I like Yaoi and Yuri so what?)

Sonadow!!!!!! Top list baby:iconsonicxshadowclub: (Sonic Uke, Shadow Seme)
Fleetourge :iconfleetourge-fans: (Fleetway Seme, Scourge Uke)
Mephilver :iconmephilver-fan: (Mephilies Seme, Silver Uke)
Sonourge :iconsonourgegroup: (Sonic Uke, Scourge Seme)
Espighty :iconespighty-fans: (Espio Seme, Mighty Uke)
Amouge :iconamouge-club: (Rouge Seme, Amy Uke)

Fav. Pokemon couples: (Mostly based on Manga)

Red x Yellow :iconspecialshipping-fc:
Green x Blue :iconoldrivalshipping-fc:
Kriss x Gold :iconclubmangaquest:
Lyra x Silver :iconsoulxsilvershipping:
Ruby x Sapphire :iconfranticshipping:
Pearl x Platina :icontwinleafshipping-fan:
White x N :iconferriswheelshipping:
Cheren x Bianca :icondualrivalshipping:
Mei x Hugh :iconsequelshipping:
Kyouhei x Ruri :icontransceivershipping:
Calem x Serena :iconkalosshippingfc:
Volkner x Jasmine :iconlighthouse-lovers:
Steven x Cynthia :iconmixedsteelshipping:
Tracey x Misty :iconorangeshipping:
Cilan x Iris :iconwishfulshipping:
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Drew x May :iconxcontestshipping-fcx:
Ash x Serena :iconoldpokefriendsship:

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Hamtaro x Bijou HamtaroxBijou by Atlanta-Hammy
Spat x Harmony HarmonyxSpat by Atlanta-Hammy
Maxwell x Sandy SandyxMaxwell Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy
Sora x Ohkiny OhkinyxSora by Atlanta-Hammy
Oxnard x Pepper OxnardxPepper by Atlanta-Hammy
Stand x Flora StanxFlora by Atlanta-Hammy
Boss x Gelato BossxGelato by Atlanta-Hammy or Boss x Sparkle or even Boss x Oc

Fav. Spyro couples

Spyro x Cynder :iconspyroxcynderfans:
Flame x Ember :iconflamexemberclub:
Hunter x Bianca Hunter X Bianca Stamp by X-Leona-Lioness-X

My fav. Adventure time couples

Finn x Flame Princess :iconfinnxflameprincess:
Fionna x Flame Prince :iconfionnaxflameprince: or Fionna x Marshall Lee :iconfiolee:
Princess Bubblegum x Marshall Lee :iconmarshalleexpb:
Jake x Lady Rainicorn :iconjakexrainicorn-fc:
Cake x Lord Monochromicorn CakexMonochromicorn Stamp by schwarzekatze4

My Fav. PPG couples:

Brick x Blossom :iconblossomxbrickfans:
Boomer x Bubbles :iconbubblesxboomerclub:
Butch x Buttercup :iconbcxbutchfanclub:

Vocaloid Couples I love:

Kaito x Miku :iconmikuxkaitoclub:
Rin x Len :iconrin-x-len-club:
Luka x Gakupo :icongakupo-luka:
Teto x Ted :iconteto-x-ted-fc:

My Favorite Mario Couples:

Mario x Peach :iconmarioxpeachxclub:
Luigy x Daisy :iconluigixdaisyxclub:
Bowser x Rosalina :iconrosalina-x-bowser:
Yoshi x Birdo BirdoxYoshi Stamp by TamarinFrog
Toad x Toadette Toad x Toadette Stamp by GamingGirl73
Wario x Mona :iconwarioxmona-club:

Dragon Ball Favorite couples:

Bardock x Gine :iconbardock-x-gine:
Goku x Chi Chi :icongoku-x-chichi-fans:
Vegeta x Bulma :iconvegetaxbulma-4ever:
Krillin x #18 :iconkrillin-and-18:
Tien x Launch :icontien-x-lunch:
Gohan x Videl :icongohan--x--videl:
Uub x Marron :iconuub--x--marron:
Goten x Valese/Palace :icongotens-palace:

Dragon Ball Favorite YAOI couples:

Goku x Vegeta :iconfuckyeah-gokuxvegeta:
Piccolo x Gohan P x G stamp by VegetasLittleLover


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Journal History

I am sorry for all of you guys who have been waiting for the next chapter of A thousand years of Sonic, but I will have you know Chapter 37 is already done and I am working on Chapter 38 now. But I will also have you all know that on Friday October 31 there will be a Halloween Special of A thousand years of Sonic so be very patient and attentive. Also you should check the story Escape Escape cover by sonicartist16 it's a Halloween story that is not so long it will last till 31 of October so be very attentive as it is a very interesting story.

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i so beautiful,i love it!!!!!
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Haiya! I look Fowerd too become friends in the future  and i really hope i can give you much support of your art work <3 talk ta ya later!
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