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A thousand years of Sonic 37

              The awakening of Alice

Silver and Fleetway were still working on ways to set Alice free but it seems Fleetway was having no luck. Silver on the other hand was searching around the castle for clue and things that might help. "I know I shouldn't be in her room but maybe there can be something here that can help" though Silver as he looked over at her desk and saw a few books that seemed to be from the library, "Emergency notes" he read on one of the notes she seemed to have been taking from one of the books. Silver grabbed the big piece of paper and started to read it all. It took him a while to find the correct one, "Oh here it is Prison Stone.... I have to go to the basement of the castle" said Silver happy as he found it he quickly went downstairs. "Fleetway! Fleetway!" Silver called as he looked around not seen the golden hedgehog, "Right here" said a very high pitch sound. Silver looked closer and saw a tiny figure floating in front of him. "Eww mosquito" said Silver squishing it with both hands, "Ahhhhh! It was me you butt face!!!" Fleetway yelled. "Oh! I'm sorry" Silver grabbed the book and push a button to turn Fleetway back to normal. "I found the cure for Alice's spell" said Silver, "Really?! Oh baby your amazing" said Fleetway kissing his cheek a lot. Silver smiled, "All we have to do is get to the basement.... How do we get there?" Silver asked. "Oh I was there not long ago there is a lever at the side that shows the stair case down" said Fleetway. Silver went over to the area Fleetway pointed and saw two kinds of lever unknown he grabbed one and pulled it down. Unknowingly a small trap door appeared under Fleetway making him scream fast. "Nope! Wrong Lever, terrible wrong lever! Oh my God what is that? Oh my God it's moving! Oh oh that's so gross I think I'm going to throw up. Oh oh!! Oh my God if I move it looks like their jumping.. Eww their jumping for joy... Oh god" said Fleetway. Then appeared in the front entrance of the castle again and walked next to Silver with a traumatized face. "What happen to you?" Silver asked, "So many things... So so many things... What has been seen cannot be unseen" said Fleetway. "Okay then it's this lever" said Silver pulling it and the stairs appear, Silver and Fleetway went to the basement. There Silver took out the note and read it checking where the cure could be. "I don't see anything" said Silver, "Oh here is a detail I miss" said Fleetway as he was standing in front of a giant hole. "A bottomless pit" said Fleetway, "It's more like abyss" said Silver. "... It's the same thing" said Fleetway, "Shut up" said Silver he looked in but all he saw was pitch black. "Is this thing really bottomless?" Silver asked, "I'd say we through stuff down there" said Fleefway. "What kind of stuff?" Silver asked looking at him, "Well Pfff what person should we lower down there?" Fleetway asked. "I would say you, your a danger to the human world with your craziness" said Silver, "Oh please I'm not that crazy" said Fleetway. "You buried the castle in pancakes" said Silver, "That was by accident" said Fleetway. "I can't open a book without you popping out of it or a pancake hitting me on the face" said Silver, "And?..." Fleetway asked. Silver was starting to get irritated but then he breath deeply, "Your right... Besides that can be too dangerous who knows if that pit is filled with anyone's desires... By wish" said Silver tempting Fleetway. "DAMN THE WORLD IS MINE!" Fleetway jumped into the bottomless pit, "I can't believe he felt for that" thought Silver as he watch as Fleeway disappeared falling. Then he heard a large crash in the end, "Oh! Found the cure" said Fleetway. The hours had pass as Silver sprinkled the strange dust on Alice and her werehog's, "Well is she ever going I unfreeze? After all have her the antidote" said Silver impatiently, "Relax my most precious Silver you will get to know very soon" said Fleetway. "Isn't there a speed up spell?" Silver asked, "Well someone likes things fast" said Fleetway, Silver crossed his arms glaring at Fleetway as he knew that he meant it in a dirty way. "What I am just saying, besides we can do something else you know like get "Lata ta ra ra" give me that @$$ boy" said Fleetway, "Touch me and I will make you eat your fist" said Silver. "I hope that's sugar code for I love you" said Fleetway, "Sometimes I ask my self if you are really like this or you just do this to drag attention to yourself?" Silver asked. "A little bit of both... Give me your give me your attention baby~" said Fleetway wrapping his arms around him singing, "Stop it!" Silver yelled trying push him off. Unaware that the stone prison was breaking and shaking, "Wait what's that noise?" Silver asked. "Those are my lips asking for your lips" said Fleetway, "I'll punch you! No wait it's Alice" said Silver looking over at them as the chunks of the stone exploding off went flying everywhere. "It's raining rocks!" Fleetway said as like 10 big rocks landed on his head yet he didn't feel a thing. "I think I'm drunk cause I feel loopy" said Fleetway, Silver raised a eye brow and backed up from him. Alice opened her eyes to find herself free from her stone prison she looked foreword to see who had free her. "You have free me and my werehogs from that stone prison I am grateful" said Alice bowing. "Your welcome" said Silver, "Yeah no problem just like breaking the stone, with another stone" said Fleetway. "You are one of Hades demons!" Alice yelled as the werehogs surrounded Fleetway. "Cute puppies what species are they? Chihuahua?" Fleetway asked, "No they are big bone flesh eater" said Alice glaring at him, "That sounds cute" said Fleetway. "Stop wait it's not what you think it is" said Silver getting in front of Fleetway. "Yeah we are getting married" said Fleetway hugging Silver's back, "Knock it off!" Silver yelled pushing him away. "So your a traitor as well?" Alice asked at Silver, "No Alice listen to me I am Silver the hedgehog I am a friend of Shade's, Fleetway here and I have been trying to find a way to set you free" said Silver. Alice calmed down and called off her werehog's, "So it seems he is not a enemy?" Alice asked, "For now no" said Fleetway. "Well then I apologize it's been quiet hard to be putted in that prison stone for a long time by those demons. Mephiles and Nightclaw where their names" said Alice, "I know it wasn't a surprise to be them" said Fleetway. "Did they say anything do you have a idea where they might be?" Silver asked, Alice shook her head. "I only know they are after the chaos emeralds but sadly I can not stop them also my wonder does not last forever I must stop soon" said Alice. "That's a bad sigh if Alice stops the ice weather there might be a possibility that Mephiles and Nightclaw can get the chaos emerald faster" said Fleetway. "It's the way of nature if I brought snow too soon I have to take it away but I can try and extend it a big. Yet time is running out you and your friends must hurry, also tell Shade that I thank him for all he has done for me" said Alice.

Shadow and Blaze had planed their ambush on the king but Sonic was with Amy and he was a bit skeptical this plan would succeed. "Sonic you seem a bit stressful what seems to be the problem?" Amy asked, "I don't know if Shadow and Blaze should go alone maybe I can go I'm stronger than Shadow I can help" said Sonic. "But Sonic you can't you must let Shadow become strong if you keep fighting instead of him things will not go as planned" said Amy, "..... How do you know?" Sonic asked gazing at her astonish. "You be surprise Sonic what I know and what I have learned" said Amy as she sat on the rock. "I have a question for you Amy" said Sonic, Amy turned her complete attention to Sonic. "Why did you choose Blaze to protect you?" Sonic asked, "I don't know I saw something different in her" said Amy. Sonic looked down he still looked worried, "Sonic the world hides as much things as we do, if we keep hiding things then the world will do the same" said Amy. "The world will hide things from us?" Sonic asked, "Everything you see around us is a spirit that once lived in this world, one day it will reveal to us everything you'll see" said Amy. Shadow and Blaze were sneaking in the castle quietly though the castle that day was over filled with many guards around and they all had energy from the chaos emerald since their armor was green. "The king is not dumb he would rather die than to be taken out, by the large number of guards we must be very hidden" said Blaze. "Our mission is to get as close as possible to the chaos emerald but we are going to have to expose ourselves soon" Shadow reminded Blaze. "I know but try not to use so much of your powers" Blaze warned, "My powers can penetrate through their armor" said Shadow, "No you'll just waist tones of energy we must work on team work I will break most of the guards armor with my weapon and you will then use one of your moves but we must do it my way" said Blaze. The plan was simple it was to get a group of soldiers close, Blaze would use her weapon to slice their armor off and Shadow used his Sharp Disk to knock them out easily. Yet it was getting the attention of other guards and they could see it so they had to repeat the process to the point that they had to expose themselves. Shadow and Blaze both knew they couldn't waist so much time to they tried to knock out as much as a large number. "Remember don't kill them just knock them out" Blaze reminded Shadow, "I wish they would do us that same favor" Shadow replied as it was hard to knock the armor off and knock the person out without using too much power to hurt that person badly. "We can't keep holding off guards Shadow we have to go ahead to the kings throne room" said Blaze, Shadow agreed both headed to the door and blocked it with a staff so the guards couldn't get in. Shadow as Blaze turned around to see even more guards guarding the king, "What is this?" Blaze asked. "I am king as I am not dumb cat girl I know my ways" said the king evilly chuckling, "What?!" Blaze yelled as they were cut off guard. "Well it looks like I'm going to have to use more attacks" said Shadow he used both hands to shoot two independent Chaos Beam clearing the way for Blaze and himself to go in a bit close to the throne but they had to deal with the rest of the guards. Blaze repeatedly had to do the same thing by slashing the armies off and knock out the person but it was getting harder for the minute as she was getting tired more and more guards keep coming. Shadow felt the same way by use ing his chaos speak and Sharp Disk by it was not going to knock them all out at once. Shadow became more frustrating when he couldn't manage to knock out some guards and he had to try and avoid the attacks. Yet Shadow and Blaze already received a punch or even a cute by the guards as them alone wasn't enough to hold off tons of guards. What made it even more frustration for them was the fact that they haven't move from their spot.

Shadow and Blaze went back to back, "Blaze this is not working at this rate we won't have any energy left" said Shadow, "I know but what we can do? It's not like we can duplicate ourselves" said Blaze. Shadow started to think about it and he had a quick idea, "Blaze I'm going to do something, I will try to get all the guards concentrated on me but you must find your way to the chaos emerald" said Shadow. "But you can't hold them all off" said Blaze turning her head, "That doesn't matter what matters is making things right and that's what I want to do" said Shadow growling in anger. Blaze looked at Shadow surprised, "Just do as I say" said Shadow as he was starting to glow red. Blaze perked her ears as she knew what Shadow was trying to do. Blaze jumped on some guards making her way to the chaos emerald. Shadow made a faith chaos blast showing the guards that he was the one they should concentrate on. Shadow keep using his chaos spear and Sharp disk but now it was more difficult as he had more guards than before. Shadow was receiving more hits than he gave an the chaos energy was making him dizzy again. Blaze had reached close to the chaos emerald but the king wasn't going down without a fight he grabbed Blaze's hand not letting go. "My king release me at once" said Blaze as she struggle to get loose but the more she waisted time the more risk Shadow was taking. "Too bad besides I know your friend won't last now and soon my guards can finish you as well" said the king. Blaze desperate looked over at Shadow, "Shadow!" she yelled as she knew the king was right. Shadow backed up and knelled a little he tried to stay in his feet but couldn't, Shadow knelled in the center almost loosing every bit of strength he had. "Kill him!" the king order, "No!" Blaze yelled as she watch without being able to do anything. Shadow had his eyes half close as the guards approached him yet a purple spark appeared in front of him. The spark created a big bubble blowing the enemies away, Shadow knew what move it was he knew it was the "Defensive instinct". "Need help?" A twin hedgehog identical to him offered his hand, "Shade" Shadow spoke as he accepted the hand. Shade knew Shadow was in a bad condition and so he used his healing ability to heal him. Shadow felt the dizziness was fading away and he could pull himself up with the held of Shade. "How did you get here?" Shadow asked him, "We're twins we can seance when we need one another" said Shade giving his twin a smile who did the same in return. "So..." Shade said turning his back on Shadow and looking at all the surprised guards, Shadow did the same. "Shall we finish the job?" Shade asked, "Nothing would make me happier" said Shadow. Blaze was glad that she now knew Shade was on their side and she quickly kicked the kings face knowing he was distracted by seen the recent event. She grabbed the emerald, "Yes!" she said as she moved away but the king tackled her making her drop the chaos emerald loosing it. "Where did it go?" Blaze asked as she looked all over for it she got mad getting up on her feet. "The emerald is gone what have you done?" she asked mad, "if I can't have the power than no one else will" said the king pulling out a sword. Blaze was not afraid of the king but she knew one thing if she destroyed him she would cause someone who she cares about a deep pain. Blaze used her weapon to face the king with a heavy heart as she appreciated the king before he went mad. Shade used his Chaos Spear as well as Shadow to knock out some guards, "So how did you found a way here?" Shadow asked while they were all still fighting. "Chaos energy everything appear clear to me, but where is the chaos emerald?" Shade asked. "Blaze should have it by now but nothing has changed" said Shadow being the two of them they manage to knock out most of the guards while other fled for their own safety. Only leaving the king behind, in the end we the results were clear when Blaze kicked the king off his feet and she put her pointy weapon near his neck. "There is no point in fighting anymore my king you have already lost the battle even your guards have abandon you" said Blaze, the king first glared at her and then laugh loudly. Shade and Shadow went near and looked at each other confused, "Why those this sound humorous to you?" Blaze asked. "Cause the fight has just began.... Ha hahaha HAHAHA!" the king started to glow green then his size started to duplicate. "Blaze move away!" Shadow yelled as he quickly grabbed her bridal style running off and Shade follow them as well, as the king keep growing in size. Shade, Blaze, and Shadow was outside the castle. Shadow placed Blaze on the ground on her feet. The three of them watch the enormous beast the king had become, "Now we will see who wins this fight" said the monstrous voice of the king. "Oh no he's absorbed enough power from the chaos emerald to transform into this beast" said Shade, "Then we have no choice but to kill it" said Shadow, "What no you can't!" said Blaze. "Look Blaze I know he is a nice king and Amy's father but I'm pretty sure that someone like him would rather be dead than a monster" said Shadow. Blaze took it into consideration but she couldn't bare kill someone who she appreciated so much. "Look out" Shade yelled, the king had attacked them with a  punch, they moved out of the way making the king punch the ground. Shadow used his Chaos beam it landed on the kings chest but it barely did a thing. The king used a finger to blast Shadow with a different kind of beam, Shadow quickly dodge it on time. Shade tried using his Threat Beam on a different angle he mostly aimed for the upper back but it didn't do anything. The king used his now long tail to hit Shade, "Shade!" Shadow yelled as he saw how his brother was hurled. Shadow got mad and used a strong chaos spear actually causing a bit of damage on the king's shoulder. Yet the king laugh, "Nothing but a scratch" said the king pointing at it. Shadow glared at him, Blaze looked down at the broken parts of castle and she could clearly see the chaos emerald on one side. "Shadow I may know a way to stop this monster but you and Shade have to keep the king distracted" said Blaze. Shadow nod, "Shade!" Shadow called then Shade stood next to him. "I'm right behind you" he said, "We must keep the kings eye sight away from Blaze she has a plan" said Shadow. From the distance far the villagers were watching even Amy and Sonic. "What's going on over there?" Sonic asked, "Something bad... Very bad" Amy said as she watch with fear and concern. Sonic saw it when he looked back on what seem to be a fighting scene the only word that slip from his lips was "Shadow..." Sonic just imagine Shadow right in front of him. Sonic was now feeling worried for the one he loved so deeply, "Please be okay" he begged. Shadow and Shade keep blasting and running around the king to grab his attention. Blaze quickly went to grab the chaos emerald as she manage to get close to it. She reached out and grabbed it yet she didn't expected what happened next. "ENOUGH!" The king yelled loudly blasting both Shadow and Shade, "Huh! Shadow! Shade!" Blaze called then king saw her and hit her with his tail knocked her it also dropping the emerald. "I have had enough I am the strongest and no one can stop that" the king yelled creating big clouds of storm. The king wanted to recreate his own world, Shadow manage to get a bit up but it was difficult after being hurt badly. He pulled himself close to the chaos emerald reaching out for it since it was close grabbing it. He slowly pulled it close kneeling up and aimed at the king, "I am sorry but you gave me no choice" said Shadow using the chaos emeralds power to build up a beam. The king saw the bright green light, "No! This can't be you can't" he said. Shadow shoot the beam right on the kings chest penetrating through his skin to the other side. When the beam was finally gone the king tried to hold on but he felt something strange, he was remembering everything and regaining consciousness of the nice king he was. Shadow manage to use the emeralds power to regain his health and others as well. Blaze sat up and looked around she saw the king dying, she felt a heavy feeling in her heart. The kings eyes seem to sparkle as tears were building up in his eyes, ".... My daughter... my precious daughter" he spoke softly. The three watch and heard the king laments, "I'm so sorry for all the pain I have caused... My only wish is to see my daughter one last time and have her forgiveness.." the king sob quietly. The king closed his eyes to sink in his sorrow, "...You were already forgiven since the beginning father" said a sweet voice near him, "Amy" said the king as he opened his eyes seen his beautiful daughter smiling at him. "It's alright father you can leave in peace now that everything is alright... Cause I forgive you" Amy's tears escape from her eyes she hugged her fathers muzzle as his giant form was still there. Sonic went over to Shadow and Shade hugging both boys. "We'll done" said Sonic, "But what about Amy?" Shade asked, "Do not worry.. Amy is a wise young lady she can handle herself" said Sonic smiling. Shadow showed them the emerald, "I guess this is another one for the collection" said Shadow. Later that day Shadow, Sonic, and Shade were sailing their goodbyes. "I thank you for what you have done to my kingdom" said Amy smiling at Sonic, "Well Shadow and Shade did all the work but we were glad to help you" said Sonic. Amy nod and grabbed both Sonic's hands "Will I ever see you again?" Amy asked gazing into Sonic's eyes. Sonic tilt his head at first but then smiled "Of course you will, everyone is reborn at some point one day both of us will be reborn and I will have tons of adventures with you" said Sonic giving Amy high hopes. Amy smiled a lot closing her eyes, "And when that happens will you be there to help me when I need you?" Amy asked sweetly. "Of course I will" said Sonic giggling a little, Shadow and Shade watch them. "Well it was fun while it lasted and I thank you for helping us, you two will make fine gods" said Blaze, "Thanks you make a fine guard yourself Blaze just keep trying to be your best an you will accomplish that ideal you have so much in your mind" Shadow reminded her. Blaze was surprise but yet she nod and wrapped her arms around Shadow's neck hugging him. "Thank you so much I will never forget you nor what I learned today" said Blaze. "Another mission completed Zeus" said Shade as he held the green chaos emerald in his hand.

Rouge was holding her sleeping baby Chloe as she was checking one of the creations GUN was creating. "What is GUN up to?" Rouge asked looking at it in her computer. It seemed like they were creating some strange robot, "Rouge I'm back from training" said Knuckles drinking his sports drink. "Okay can you please take Chloe to her crib I'm checking some kind of thing GUN is making" said Rouge. Knuckles grabbed his baby girl from Rouge's hands, "What is GUN making?" Knuckles asked curiously. "We'll if you look at the model in the screen I guess it would be some kind of robot" said Rouge, "Robot?" Knuckles asked. "Yes it seems to have some features related to Sonic somehow" said Rouge, Knuckles was taking a good look on this creation, "It also seems to have se powers as well" Knuckles pointed out. "Hello Rouge and Knuckles" said Sonic coming into the room, Rouge quickly changed the image. "Sonic, Shadow, and Shade I'm glad your all back safe and sound" said Rouge. "We kinda had a long day" said Shadow, "You guys can go rest all you want" said Rouge. "I think I'll go take a rest come Sonic" said Shadow grabbing his hand, "Okay" Sonic said following him. Shade looked over at Rouge, "Have you found new location of the emeralds?" Shade asked. "Nope but I'll get right on it" she said. Shade notice the nervousness between Knuckles and Rouge, "What is up with this two?" He thought.

To be continue....
A thousand years of Sonic 37

Hope you guys enjoy the story

Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, and Amy belong to SEGA
Fleetway belongs to Sonic Comics
Shade and Alice belongs to :iconsonicartist16: (Also the one who made the cover)

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Bardock x Gine :iconbardock-x-gine:
Goku x Chi Chi :icongoku-x-chichi-fans:
Vegeta x Bulma :iconvegetaxbulma-4ever:
Krillin x #18 :iconkrillin-and-18:
Tien x Launch :icontien-x-lunch:
Gohan x Videl :icongohan--x--videl:
Uub x Marron :iconuub--x--marron:
Goten x Valese/Palace :icongotens-palace:

Dragon Ball Favorite YAOI couples:

Goku x Vegeta :iconfuckyeah-gokuxvegeta:
Piccolo x Gohan P x G stamp by VegetasLittleLover


Sonadow: Forbidden Feelings stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow Last Night, Good night stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow: The Chosen One stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow generations stamp by eeveexrioluMerSonic x WereShadow stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow and Amouge stamp by eeveexrioluMeirhog Sonic x Shadow stamp by eeveexrioluKid Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluWereSonadow stamp 2 by eeveexrioluFemaleSonicxShadow stamp by eeveexrioluMephonic stamp by eeveexrioluMephilver stamp by eeveexrioluFleetourge stamp 2 by eeveexrioluFleetourge stamp by eeveexrioluAmouge Family stamp by eeveexrioluI support Sonamy Fan child stamp by eeveexrioluShadmaria Family stamp by eeveexrioluSalkhan and Sonamy stamp by eeveexrioluSalkhan stamp 1 by eeveexrioluSalkhan stamp 2 by eeveexrioluWere Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluI support Sonadow Fan Child stamp by eeveexrioluRobtic Stamp by Supremechaos918I support Sonamy and Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow Family stamp by eeveexriolu


Journal History

I am sorry for all of you guys who have been waiting for the next chapter of A thousand years of Sonic, but I will have you know Chapter 37 is already done and I am working on Chapter 38 now. But I will also have you all know that on Friday October 31 there will be a Halloween Special of A thousand years of Sonic so be very patient and attentive. Also you should check the story Escape Escape cover by sonicartist16 it's a Halloween story that is not so long it will last till 31 of October so be very attentive as it is a very interesting story.

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