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My AU Five Nights at Freddy's

Name: Freddy Fazbear
Gender: Male
Species: Bear
Personality: Can get shy at times (Specially near Bonnie), a bit serious and short tempered when it comes to situations. He is also very sweet and gentle at time.
Role: He is the leader and lead singer of the Pizzeria.

Name: Bonnie the Bunny
Gender: Male
Species: Bunny
Personality: He is nice and headstrong, somewhat annoyed easily and a bit naive at times.
Role: he is the guitarist of the group and back up singer.

Name: Chica the Chicken
Gender: Female
Species: Chicken
Personality: Gentle, kind, understanding, somewhat defensive.
Role: The cook and back up singer

Name: Foxy the pirate fox
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Personality: Kind, rash, patient, adventurous.
Role: He is the pirate and the one that is in charge of the pirate cove.

Name: Golden Fredbear
Gender: Male
Species: Bear
Personality: gentle, kind, sociable, romantic, serious (In serious situations only)
Role: He is the rich guy also owner of the Pizzeria.

Name: Teddy Fazbear (Toy Freddy)
Gender: Male
Species: Bear
Personality: Modest, kind, shy, understanding, somewhat naive.
Role: He is the leader and singer of the Toys.

Name: BonBon the bunny (Toy Bonnie)
Gender: Male
Species: Bunny
Personality: Bold, somewhat shy, playful, flirt, Bashful
Role: Guitarist of the toys and back up singer.

Name: Tica the Chicken (Toy Chica)
Gender: Female
Species: Chicken
Personality: Hyperactive, playful, friendly, jolly
Role: She is the party maker and the back up singer.

Name: Vixen the Fox/Mangle
Gender: Female
Species: Fox
Personality: Kind, headstrong, Modest, understanding.
Role: She's the one in charge of the party cove.

Name: Benny Bart aka BB (Balloon Boy)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality. Joyful, naive, friendly.
Role: Sweet little boy that visits the visits the pizzeria.

Name:  Jessie Joy JJ (Balloon Girl)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Shy, kind, fearful.
Role: A little girl that visits the pizzeria.

Name: Mason / Marionette
Gender: Male
Species: Puppet
Personality: Rash, bold, stubborn, brute, nonsocial
Role: Bad guy who was turn to a puppet to save his life and seeks revenge.

Name: Hunter Fazbear (Withered Freddy)
Gender: Male
Species: Bear
Personality: Serious, Bash, impatient, Bold, short tempered
Role: Leader of the withered gang

Name: Brute the bunny
Gender: Male
Species: Bunny
Personality: Gentle, understanding, sociable, somewhat serious, shy.
Role: Ex member of the withered gang

Name: Chariot the chicken (Withered Chica)
Gender: Female
Species: Chicken
Personality: Serious, understanding, wise, helpful.
Role: Gun owner / shooter and member of the withered gang.

Name: Fear the fox
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Personality: Serious, wise, short tempered, gentle, sociable.
Role: The rich pirate that sails more often, part of the withered gang.

Name: Salvage the bunny (Springtrap)
Gender: Male
Species: bunny
Personality: serious, patient, gentle, social.
Role: Shadow hunter/ Rich

Name: Shab (Shadow Bonnie)
Gender: Male
Species: shadow bunny
Personality: shy, fearful, kind.
Role: Salvage's helper for Shadow hunting.

Name: Shaf (Shadow Freddy)
Gender: Male
Species: Shadow bear
Personality: rude, aggressive, brute
Role: Marionettes helper
My AU of Five Nights at Freddy
This is my AU if anyone wants to RP out of FNAF this is how my characters are

All characters belong to Scott


eeveexriolu's Profile Picture
Puerto Rico
:iconrainbow-heartplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-vplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-xplz: :iconrainbow-rplz: :iconrainbow-iplz: :iconrainbow-oplz: :iconrainbow-lplz: :iconrainbow-uplz: :iconrainbow-heartplz:

I'm a eevee lover Eevee Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogThere's an Eevee for everything Stamp by omegaflash4Stamp: Eevee Love by AnnrovEevee by MarlenesstampsEevee by number03Eevee Stamp by HikariOkamiEevee fan stamp by EeveeX99Eevee Stamp by Maxvel33Eevee Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsEevee Stamp by TheHarley:thumb134809809:Eevee stamp by Numbuh9Stamp - Eevee by EvadollPlush Stamp by EeveeFanClub.:Pokemon stamp 6:. by dannyphantom300I Love Eevee by LadyQuintessenceEevee Stamp by sammygreen066Gary and Eevee fan STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruffEevee Trainer by Ls-MercernaryEevee stamp by DametoraEevee fan stamp by ShineymagicEevee Stamp. Dont piss me off by SweetBeriiChuEevee Stamp 0 by ice-fire.:Pokemon stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300{Eevee} by xXtoxic-infectionXxEeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterEevee Stamp by Heart-StampEevee Stamp by ice-fireEevee Stamp by PFV0-Stamp:iconeeveefanclub:

Well come to my Page ^_^ everybody

Name: Katinia
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Fav. thing to do: Do art XD
Fav.colors: Sky blue, Green, Purple, and Blue
Fav. thing to draw: Kirby, Sonic, Spyro, Hamtaro, MLP, and Pokemon
Fav. Songs: Mostly from Cascada, Nicki Minaja, and Katy Perry

My Fav. Sonic character ever:

Support Blaze by YamiLover13

My Fav. Pokémon Trainer (Manga):

Sapphire.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX

My Fav. Hamtaro character:

Harmony fan by Atlanta-Hammy

My Fav. Spyro character:

Cynder the Dragon Stamp by AESD

My Fav. Adventure Time character:

Flame Princess stamp by FubblegumCF

My Fav. PowerPuffGirls Character:

PPG Bubbles Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman

My Favorite Vocaloid

Rin by azianwolfdoll

My Favorite Mario Character:

Rosalina and Luma Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule

Fav. Sonic couples:

Sonamy :iconsonamy-fans:
Tailsmo :icontailsxcosmo-fanclub:
Shadmaria :iconmariaxshadow-fanclub: or Shadolly :iconshadowxmolly-fanclub: or even Shadugar :iconshadowxsugar:
Knouge :iconknouge-lovers: or Knuxade :iconknuxade-fans:
Silvaze :iconsilverxblaze-club:
Chaream Chaream stamp by SonicAngel948
Jave :iconjetxwave:
Scourge x Fiona :iconscourgexfionaclub: Or Scourge x Rosy :iconscourgexrosy4ever:
Espikal :icontikal-x-espio:
Rarine :iconrayxmarinesupporters:
Mighty x Honey :iconmightyxhoneylove:
Antoine x Bunnie :iconantoine-x-bunnie:
Vector x Vanilla :iconvectorxvanilla:
Ash x Mina Ash x Mina stamp by eeveexriolu
Khan x Sally :iconsalkhan-kingdom:

Fav. Sonic Yaoi and Yuri couples: (Yeah I like Yaoi and Yuri so what?)

Sonadow!!!!!! Top list baby:iconsonicxshadowclub: (Sonic Uke, Shadow Seme)
Fleetourge :iconfleetourge-fans: (Fleetway Seme, Scourge Uke)
Mephilver :iconmephilver-fan: (Mephilies Seme, Silver Uke)
Sonourge :iconsonourgegroup: (Sonic Uke, Scourge Seme)
Espighty :iconespighty-fans: (Espio Seme, Mighty Uke)
Amouge :iconamouge-club: (Rouge Seme, Amy Uke)

Fav. Pokemon couples: (Mostly based on Manga)

Red x Yellow :iconspecialshipping-fc:
Green x Blue :iconoldrivalshipping-fc:
Kriss x Gold :iconclubmangaquest:
Lyra x Silver :iconsoulxsilvershipping:
Ruby x Sapphire :iconfranticshipping:
Pearl x Platina :icontwinleafshipping-fan:
White x N :iconferriswheelshipping:
Cheren x Bianca :icondualrivalshipping:
Mei x Hugh :iconsequelshipping:
Kyouhei x Ruri :icontransceivershipping:
Calem x Serena :iconkalosshippingfc:
Volkner x Jasmine :iconlighthouse-lovers:
Steven x Cynthia :iconmixedsteelshipping:
Tracey x Misty :iconorangeshipping:
Cilan x Iris :iconwishfulshipping:
Brock x Lucy LuckShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps
Kenny x Dawn :iconkennyxdawn4ever:
Drew x May :iconxcontestshipping-fcx:
Ash x Serena :iconoldpokefriendsship:

Fav. Hamtaro Couples

Hamtaro x Bijou HamtaroxBijou by Atlanta-Hammy
Spat x Harmony HarmonyxSpat by Atlanta-Hammy
Maxwell x Sandy SandyxMaxwell Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy
Sora x Ohkiny OhkinyxSora by Atlanta-Hammy
Oxnard x Pepper OxnardxPepper by Atlanta-Hammy
Stand x Flora StanxFlora by Atlanta-Hammy
Boss x Gelato BossxGelato by Atlanta-Hammy or Boss x Sparkle or even Boss x Oc

Fav. Spyro couples

Spyro x Cynder :iconspyroxcynderfans:
Flame x Ember :iconflamexemberclub:
Hunter x Bianca Hunter X Bianca Stamp by X-Leona-Lioness-X

My fav. Adventure time couples

Finn x Flame Princess :iconfinnxflameprincess:
Fionna x Flame Prince :iconfionnaxflameprince: or Fionna x Marshall Lee :iconfiolee:
Princess Bubblegum x Marshall Lee :iconmarshalleexpb:
Jake x Lady Rainicorn :iconjakexrainicorn-fc:
Cake x Lord Monochromicorn CakexMonochromicorn Stamp by schwarzekatze4

My Fav. PPG couples:

Brick x Blossom :iconblossomxbrickfans:
Boomer x Bubbles :iconbubblesxboomerclub:
Butch x Buttercup :iconbcxbutchfanclub:

Vocaloid Couples I love:

Kaito x Miku :iconmikuxkaitoclub:
Rin x Len :iconrin-x-len-club:
Luka x Gakupo :icongakupo-luka:
Teto x Ted :iconteto-x-ted-fc:

My Favorite Mario Couples:

Mario x Peach :iconmarioxpeachxclub:
Luigy x Daisy :iconluigixdaisyxclub:
Bowser x Rosalina :iconrosalina-x-bowser:
Yoshi x Birdo BirdoxYoshi Stamp by TamarinFrog
Toad x Toadette Toad x Toadette Stamp by GamingGirl73
Wario x Mona :iconwarioxmona-club:

Dragon Ball Favorite couples:

Bardock x Gine :iconbardock-x-gine:
Goku x Chi Chi :icongoku-x-chichi-fans:
Vegeta x Bulma :iconvegetaxbulma-4ever:
Krillin x #18 :iconkrillin-and-18:
Tien x Launch :icontien-x-lunch:
Gohan x Videl :icongohan--x--videl:
Uub x Marron :iconuub--x--marron:
Goten x Valese/Palace :icongotens-palace:

Dragon Ball Favorite YAOI couples:

Goku x Vegeta :iconfuckyeah-gokuxvegeta:
Piccolo x Gohan P x G stamp by VegetasLittleLover


Sonadow: Forbidden Feelings stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow Last Night, Good night stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow: The Chosen One stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow generations stamp by eeveexrioluMerSonic x WereShadow stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow and Amouge stamp by eeveexrioluMeirhog Sonic x Shadow stamp by eeveexrioluKid Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluWereSonadow stamp 2 by eeveexrioluFemaleSonicxShadow stamp by eeveexrioluMephonic stamp by eeveexrioluMephilver stamp by eeveexrioluFleetourge stamp 2 by eeveexrioluFleetourge stamp by eeveexrioluAmouge Family stamp by eeveexrioluI support Sonamy Fan child stamp by eeveexrioluShadmaria Family stamp by eeveexrioluSalkhan and Sonamy stamp by eeveexrioluSalkhan stamp 1 by eeveexrioluSalkhan stamp 2 by eeveexrioluWere Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluI support Sonadow Fan Child stamp by eeveexrioluRobtic Stamp by Supremechaos918I support Sonamy and Sonadow stamp by eeveexrioluSonadow Family stamp by eeveexriolu


Journal History

I was recently wondering if you guys would like to read some Five Night at Freddy's fanfictions written by me? now this doesn't mean I will stop making the A thousand years of Sonic, I will still continue that and I have the most recent page I just need to finish it so you can read it. But something different for once. Tell me your opinion about it or should I just continue with my Sonic fanfictions?

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