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A thousand years of Sonic 38

                    Built for a purpose

While the base was acting weird all this time, after winter was over Sonic and his friends got the other chaos emerald. Sonic was in the living room siting on the floor that had toons of pillows. Shadow had his head on Sonic's lap as Sonic petted him making the other purr in his sleep. Rouge pass by with little Chloe in her hands, "Hey Sonic I have a favor to ask you" said Rouge, "Yes?" Sonic asked, "Can you head over to the bases central computer room I think I left Chloe's rattle there" said Rouge. "Sure give me a minute or two" said Sonic as he moved away from the black hedgehog that continue to sleep calmly on the floor with a pillow supporting his head. Sonic got up and headed to the area Rouge thought she had left her daughter's rattle. He grabbed the card that was used now to open the doors, Sonic saw this dark room and used a small orb in his hands to create a blue light and walked inside. He keep on walking till he found the lights switch, "SYSTEM ACTIVATED COMMENCING REACTIVATION OF CREATION GB" the computer was programmed and revealed a metal figure. Sonic was surprised he saw the robot and it seemed to be something Sonic has never seen before. Sonic walked to it and was curious, "Hello?" Sonic asked yet he had no response. Sonic stared at the robot he notice he had similar features of himself. Sonic put his finger on the robots head raising it up "Are you okay?" He asked, Sonic still received no response he removed his finger and the robots head moved down as it had no support. Sonic looked around and saw that his chest was empty, "Hmmm?" Sonic thought about it and then something came to mind. "Yes I get it now you need a power source to work... But I don't think Shadow nor the others would like it that I give a bit of my energy away" Sonic spoke to himself as he thought about it. Sonic felt bad for the robot it looked sad in his opinion, "Well it can't hurt anyone can it?" Sonic was sure as he created a orb that looked like a pear and placed it on the robots chest closing it. "You know have power source" said Sonic happily, the robot started to shake a bit as his systems were turning on and it seemed to move a bit. Sonic smiled and looked around, "Hi there my name is Sonic the hedgehog I am the god of dreams" Sonic introduced himself to the robot, "...." there was no respond from the robot thought he stared at Sonic. "What about you?" Sonic asked being as friendly as possible with the robot. The robot just looked around and finally answered, "M-M-M-METAL S-S-SONIC" said the robot as it seemed to have trouble speaking. "Metal Sonic... We have almost the same names, how about I call you Metal for short?" Sonic asked. "P-P-PERMITED" he answered but Metal seemed to be forcing the words, "You don't have to force yourself to talk Metal don't worry it seems your voice has a problem" said Sonic, Metal nod. Sonic grabbed the metallic hand of his new friend, "Come along I know a friend that might help you" said Sonic, Metal followed Sonic to the apartment areas of the base. Sonic pulled out a card and opened the door getting in the room, "Rouge! Rouge!" Sonic called, "Hey Sonic I found Chloe's bottle there was no need for you to head there" said Rouge she got out of the kitchen area and saw Sonic next to Metal. "AH! Sonic where did you found that machine" said Rouge backing up, "Rouge this is Metal I found him in the control room on my way to the place you told me. Yet he can't speak that well I told him you can help him" Sonic explained, "Cam I speak to you in private Sonic?" Rouge grabbed Sonic pulling him to the kitchen. "Sonic you can't mess around with GUN's creations he is a robot created by them. If they see you messing around with him you can get in big trouble" said Rouge. "He looked so lonely there Rouge, please just help him for me I promise to put him back" said Sonic. "Hmm... Well it is to improve his speech so I might do something about it" said Rouge. Sonic smiled and nod "Thank you so much Rouge" said Sonic.

Rouge was working on Metal's voice problem, Sonic sat down outside he got a bit hungry and headed to the kitchen eating a turkey sandwich. Sonic went to the living room and saw Shadow and Knuckles with baby Chloe. Chloe was being held up by Shadow she was standing on her feet and she was desperate to walk. She giggled staring at her daddy wanting to probably run to him, "Okay Shadow let her go to see if she walks" said Knuckles. Shadow let her go and she tried to balance herself walk to her dad. Knuckles quickly catch her when she was about to fall, "Good little girl" said Knuckles holding her. Shadow perked his ears and looked over at Sonic that was gazing over at them. "I see your trying to teach little Chloe how to walk" said Sonic. "Shadow can I ask you a question?" Sonic asked, Shadow stared at Sonic waiting for the question. "How would feel if there was a... Metal creature in the house?" Sonic asked, "I wouldn't like it besides things like robots are build with a purpose they are not made for any good reason" said Shadow. "Ohh" Sonic looked away knowing that Shadow would have not agree with his decision on helping Metal. "Sonic it's fixed" said Rouge, Sonic quickly went to where Rouge was and checked on Metal. "How are you feeling?" Sonic asked, "BETTER ..." said Metal. "That's good to know and nothing hurts not feels weird?" Sonic asked, "ANALYZING QUESTION" Metal shook his head. "Well now that he is fixed you might want to take him back now" Rouge said, "NOT RETURN YET, I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THIS WORLD" said Metal. "I'll be happy to show you this place" said Sonic, "What? Sonic now it would be too risky" said Rouge. "Come on Rouge all Metal wants to do is explore a bit that can't be bad" Sonic grabbed Metal's hand and walked out with him. "Sonic wait!.... Huh looks like there is no getting him to change his mind" said Rouge, "Rouge where has Sonic gone to?" Shadow asked, "I don't know he just ... Left" said Rouge.

In the city both Metal and Sonic flew over it, "Look at all this places Metal from music, to electronics, to foods, and even more entertainment like stores form different varieties to choose from" said Sonic happily to his metal counterpart. Metal Sonic just looked around and saw the many electronic things "...THEY ARE LIKE ME.... BUILT FOR A PURPOSE..." he said, "Huh? Built for a purpose?" Sonic asked facing Metal. "ELECTRONICS LIKE US HAVE NO MEANING IN THIS WORLD WE ARE BUILD FROM THE NEEDS AND PURPOSES OF THE MORTALS, AND SO WE NEVER ARE GIVEN A SPECIFIC VALUE" said Metal expressing in his words what he knew. Thought Sonic knew Metal's voice didn't show much emotions by he could feel it in the words. "Well then looks like I'm the different one here, to me everyone is individually irreplaceable. Though things you have said are true the electronics aren't giving any value in life mortals do see it as a necessary material and one day they get a new one to replace the old one. But there is one thing those electronics don't that you do..." Sonic spoke in words that had grab Metal's attention in a way that seemed to make him curious. "You can express emotion like any mortal in this world of course you can't seem to show it much but your words seem to show it a lot. Metal let me show you a world where emotions makes us worth more value than what we truly have. Sure some emotions are better than others but that doesn't mean any difference, sometimes most of them don't even see our value but the mistake we all make, is that us ourselves make us forget all our values" said Sonic he got near Metal and pointed at the green mountains. "In those green places is where most emotions are held, Metal let me show you and let you see all the motions in the world" said Sonic he grabbed both Metal's hand and flew down fast. Metal trusted Sonic he felt like he could and as he saw they got closer and closer to the ground he felt something he couldn't describe. Sonic quickly flew straight not making them crash an laugh as he flew near the building avoiding them on time he was flying so fast Metal was surprise. "... PROCESSING UNKNOWN FEELING" said Metal, Sonic laugh, "It's called being anxious just relax and let your worried flow away like nothing can catch you" said Sonic. Metal had that feeling but in the same time he knew this was fun the speed and wind stoking his metal features was amazing for him to experience such a thing. Sonic flew up and spin around with Metal as he laugh, "THIS IS EHAT FUN IS?" Metal asked, "Yes doesn't it feel amazing?" Sonic asked. Metal nod, "That's not all there is still so much you can learn for example follow me" said Sonic as he flew away and Metal followed him. Unknown of the place was thing to go, Metal had a strange feeling like as if he knew where Sonic was heading. Metal did had some of Sonic's energy source in that moment it hit him. He knew where Sonic was heading to, Metal sped up passing next to Sonic and landed on a destroyed castle. Everything was so quiet, something about the silence bothered Metal he placed a hand on the cold blocks that were still there. Sonic landed on too far from Metal staring at his reaction, Metal went inside and gaze upon his surrounding he remembers this place clearly. Metal found a door it was the room that Sonic stayed for so long he pushed the door seen all the candles on the floor, "You know this place don't you?" Sonic asked. Metal hugged himself and shook a big not knowing what he was feeling. "... PAIN, SORROW, LONELINESS.." He described his feelings. Sonic knew those feelings well as it was ones he had to endure on his own and sadly Metal had to knew them. Sonic then remember since they both share the same lives and feelings he had in mind the song as he commenced to compose it

Everyone knows life has its Ups and downs
One day you're on top of the world and one day you're the clown

Well I've been both enough to know
That you don't wanna get in the way when its working out
The way that it is right now
You see my heart i wear it on my sleeve
Cause I just can't hide it anymore

I know that it's gonna take some time
I've got to admit that the thought has crossed my mind
This might end up like it should
And I'm gonna say what I need to say
And hope to god that it don't scare you away
Don't wanna be misunderstood
But I'm starting to believe that this could be the start

Metal remembered that song it was one that made everything feel better to him. He saw the glowing and cheerfulness in Sonic that made him so different. In Metal's eyes Sonic glow like ... Like a star who had fallen from the sky. "Everything and everyone has a reason and a purpose what happened long ago here was something that had to happen" said Sonic, Metal gaze at Sonic he raised his metallic hand and turned his attention to it as he created a blue orb very much one similar to the ones Sonic created to distract himself. Metal made it flow away gently around the room, Sonic smiled he created one similar as well but this orb took shape of a someone it was himself and he made it seem like he was running around the room. Metal saw that he use his round orb and transformed it to make it take the shape of himself. A show was created in that moment both orbs acted as if it was them reacting with each other. Sonic chuckled and began to create more character his friends Silver, Fleetway, Knuckles and Rouge with their baby and even Shadow. Metal created other characters as it was the people that use to live in the kingdom. Both of them seem to be creating their world as the different shades of blue were made to create a ground, a sky, the castle, and it felt like if they both were living the moment a moment of beauty, ideals, and dreams. The room was glowing covering the darkness that seem to torture the room. Sonic laugh as he enjoyed adding details he looked over at Metal smiling in that moment he didn't saw Metal it felt like he saw himself. He was amazed as that blue hedgehog looked over at Sonic smiling, Sonic shook his head and could see Metal once more. "... THIS IS OUR DREAM..." said Metal, Sonic nod. "This has been a dream I held for a long time but there is still one thing missing in this dream" said Sonic, "WHAT IS THAT?" Metal asked not knowing what Sonic meant. "Truth and reality..." Sonic said as he touched the orb that looked like Shadow and Shade who pop making the rest of the illusion disappear returning the room to it's gloomy state. "My dreams are far for them to become reality" Sonic said, Metal notice what Sonic meant by that and then he continue on. "DREAMS CAN BE COMPLETED BUT IF THEY ARE FAR FROM REACH THEY SEEM IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPLETE" said Metal, "Yes those emotions I have to face them alone and for many years I waited for Shadow or Shade to show up but deep inside me knowing reality hurt me" said Sonic. "... BUT NOE YOUR NOT ALONE TO FACE THIS FEELING I NOW SHARE THEM WITH YOU, A BIT OF PAIN, JOY, SORROW, FAITH IS ALL SHARED BETWEEN US" said Metal putting a hand on Sonic's forehead. Sonic smiled though the hand was cold, Sonic felt glad it seemed like Metal and him could be close friends.

Sonic had flew back after a long day, "Looks like you will have to go back" said Sonic, "I SHALL RETURN GO GUN'S CENTRAL BASE, MAY I SEE YOU AGAIN TOMORROW?" Metal asked. "Of course Metal" said Sonic, Metal nod and left to his place as Sonic return to the apartment where he was hugged by Shadow and he giggled a little. "You were out all day how come?" Shadow asked, "I was just showing a new friend around" said Sonic. "A new friend?" Shadow asked he gave Sonic a sweet kiss on the cheek and neck. Sonic playfully pushed him away, "Stop" he said, "I love to give you many kisses" said Shadow hugging his Sonic giving him tons of kisses. Sonic giggled and tried to move away, they went to their room. A small room Sonic and Shadow shared together, Sonic laid down on the bed and was hugged from behind by Shadow. Sonic grabbed his hand and played with his finger for a moment it was very sweet he kissed Shadow over his shoulder. "I love you Soniku" said Shadow, "I love you too Shady" said Sonic giggling. He cuddle to him closing his eyes both comfortably sleeping.

Metal had return to the room where he was being constructed yet he felt a different presence in the room he knew he wasn't alone. Metal looked over his right shoulder and turned slowly seen another robot creation. Metal approached his weird robot he had not seen before, Metal notice he had a weapon install replacement of his right hand. Metal knew they based it off Shadow since his figure was identical. Though his coloring was different his eyes were much like Metal's eyes, he was like a metal color with yellow stripes. Metal went over to the table where he found the robots manual "Android Shadow" he read. Metal picked it up checking everything from turning him on to turning him off he was even surprise he found his instructions on the same paper as well. "CREATED FOR THE CAPTURING OF A POWER BEYOND KNOWN, ANDROID SHADOW THE BETTER AND FIXED ROBOT MODEL" Metal approached him once more and it was true this android looked more realistic. "I MUST TELL SONIC IN THE MORNING" said Metal as he return to his area to rest.

To be continue....
A thousand years of Sonic 38
School has not been going easy on me but I have made the next chapter hope you guys enjoy

Sonic, Shadow, Rouge, Knuckles, Silver, Mephiles, and Metal Sonic belong to Sega
Shade and Alice belongs to :sonicartis16:
Fleetway belongs to Sonic Comics
scourge belongs to Archie comics
Chloe and Nightclaw belong to me


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Journal History

I am sorry for all of you guys who have been waiting for the next chapter of A thousand years of Sonic, but I will have you know Chapter 37 is already done and I am working on Chapter 38 now. But I will also have you all know that on Friday October 31 there will be a Halloween Special of A thousand years of Sonic so be very patient and attentive. Also you should check the story Escape Escape cover by sonicartist16 it's a Halloween story that is not so long it will last till 31 of October so be very attentive as it is a very interesting story.

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